Sink or Swim? How Do You Respond to Change?

When the inevitable waves of change come crashing down into your world, do you ride the wave and enjoy it or grit your teeth, brace for impact and hope for the best? Your response to change and whether  you learn to master it can make a tremendous  difference in enjoying your life and making the most of it.

If you live for change, thrive on change, and want to master navigating it... YOU have come home. This is a great place for people who naturally embrace change and are looking for tools for greater mastery.

If you have always wanted to know the secrets of how to thrive on change, get excited by change and master navigating change .... YOU have found the portal. This is a terrific first step in understanding the shifts you can make internally to be the kind of person who gracefully navigates change with confidence.

Sue RumackI'm Sue Rumack, founder of Portal to Positivity.  I have come to change mastery coaching by a long and winding route. Once upon a time, on a blue-sky-humming-bird-perfect spring afternoon,  my young world exploded and would never be the same again. At nineteen, I became an adult when (sadly) our mother was taken from us in a tragic car accident.  Partnered with my brother, we became responsible for our family.  In the blink of an eye, I learned that I had a choice in how I would live every day for the rest of my life and chose to live it with passion.  It wasn't until only a few years ago, that I came to understand "choosing outcome of change" isn't how most people welcome change into their lives.  Learning "how to choose outcome" is foundational to my coaching programs.

For a number of years, I couldn't understand why so many people are dragged kicking and screaming into change that is going to happen regardless of our plans.  As I transitioned through natural life events of marriage, children, divorce, death, career and so many more, I observed how difficult it was for some people to accept change and how exciting and energizing it was for others to embrace the exact same changes.  Passionate acceptance or passionate resistance decides how spectacularly we succeed or how spectacularly we fail.  I became a quiet observer, documenting how choice changes outcome.

As a change mastery coach,  I have distilled those observations down into the essence of pure experience and designed a quick, simple to learn, easy to remember and life altering 7 step system that will rock your world. 

If you are really ready to thrive on Change there are few things you need to learn how to do.

  1. You must clearly understand WHAT it is that defines WHO you are
  2. HOW to dissolve what gets in the way of your success
  3. Discover and appreciate what gives you satisfaction and fulfillment

You will passionately embrace:

  1. Moving easily into Change
  2. Making better choices and best decisions
  3. Opening space in your life for your dreams to come into reality
  4. Kick-starting the Law of Attraction, the Law of Manifestation, the Law of Abundance and any other law you want to work for you.
  5. To learn more about The 7 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Change-Ability     

BUT  first

You need to a create rock solid, earthquake proof, unshakeable life foundation

We live in fast paced times.  Nothing moves slowly or gives us time to get used to one change before another comes along to shake us up a little more.  We recalibrate and rebalance as we go along.  But more often than not, we are practicing our balancing act on unstable rocky ground or dancing on shifting sand, never quite able get ahead of change.  This is because we pile change on top of change without taking the time to re-ground ourselves. 

How can we choose the outcome of change, when we don't know how to passionately and positively embrace change?

Portal programs and services are built around The 7 Steps and reinforce your forward motion every step of the way.   You might want to try out the concepts by signing up for our FREE weekly e-zine.

If you want to fast-track to becoming a master navigator of change, you need tools to create an unshakeable foundation from which to choose the outcome of every change regardless of how challenging that change may be.  Portal to Positivity provides the tools with every coaching club program, every tele-seminar, every one-on-one coaching session and every free offer.  

To learn how to kick-start the Law of Attraction that is built into every change, you must first become the magnet. Learning how to read and use your emotions is key to becoming that very powerful magnet.  Sounds crazy but it is proven scientific fact that emotion is measurable electrical energy radiating from you to the space around you and beyond.  Your energy, positive or negative interacts with how everyone around you feels. We all know that positive opportunity is held by other people, so is negative opportunity. 

Who do you think you will attract with the energy you are putting out right this minute? 

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